Here is a list of various OIDplus installations found on the World Wide Web.

ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority

At the ViaThinkSoft Registration Authority, ViaThinkSoft is managing its Object Identifiers. Using a special plugin, individual persons or small organizations can obtain a free OID inside the OID tree of ViaThinkSoft. The owners of these OIDs can manage their OID allocations using OIDplus.

Demo Registration Authority

The Demo Registration Authority is an OIDplus installation that shows off various features of OIDplus without containing productive data.

Frdlweb / Webfan Registration Authority

The Frdlweb / Webfan Registration Authority is operated by "Webfan Domain und Homepagespeicher". Besides Object Identifiers, several other object types are managed by OIDplus. For example, a special subset of Object Identifiers, called "WEID", which can also be obtained free of charge using customized plugins.

HickelSOFT Registration Authority

The HickelSOFT Registration Authority manages Object Identifiers used in the software created by HickelSOFT.

R74n OID Registration Authority

R74n is another "power user" of OIDplus and makes use of the various colorizations of the OIDplus user interface.